Saturday Night: Henry Rollins, Now 50, Imparts Punk-Rock Wisdom at the Independent

Henry Rollins
April 9, 2011
@ The Independent

Better than: Living fast and dying young (living fast and dying old is way cooler).

Every 25 minutes or so, Henry Rollins hacks into the mic to

clear his throat, like he's about to cough something up, right there on the

largely empty stage of the Independent. But it's impossible to get mad — or even

grossed out — by it when he doesn't even seem to know he's doing it.

The reason he's hacking, we assume, is that he's at the end

of a massive 40-date tour in which he talks for two hours every single night.

And Rollins talking is not like other people talking — there's yelling, there

are sound effects, his speech is mostly rapid-fire, and he is in a state of

permanent animation. It's no wonder his throat hurts.

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