Saturday Night: Los Lobos Ring in Bill Graham's 80th Birthday at the Fillmore

Bill Graham's 80th Birthday Party Benefit

Los Lobos

Jackie Greene
Poor Man's Whiskey
January 8, 2010

As much fun as: Two straws in a malted mushroom.
Bill Graham was due to turn eighty the same day Elvis would've reached his 76th birthday. That this world is notoriously hard on oldtime rock 'n' rollers doesn't need a confirmation press release from Keith Richards' liver. Walking evidence tottered gamely through the lobby at the Fillmore on this chilly Saturday night: elder hippies and road dogs from back in whatever long-gone day. These lifers aside, it was an only somewhat older crowd than usual at the Fillmore, tricked-out and totally game to guzzle and toke at this benefit for the Bill Graham Foundation. Graham, legendary impresario, local and national concert promoter, and godfather of psychedelic rock, died in a 1991 helicopter crash, but birthday celebrations continue on as one of the city's more notable excuses for a post-New Year's party.

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