Scissor Sisters Draw the Entire Castro to Downtown Oakland

Scissor Sisters

September 12, 2010

@ The Fox Theater, Oakland
Better than: Being the straight dude at Badlands.
Pretty much the entire Castro migrated across/under the Bay last night to get swayed by the New York glam-disco-sleaze-rock confab known as Scissor Sisters. This fact was established early in the show, when co-singer Ana Matronic raised the question: “How many people schlepped over here from the city?”
Answer: deafening.
“This place actually means quite a bit to us as a band,” Matronic continued.
[More deafening.]
So the Fox felt more like a giant disco last night than a rock hall, and Scissor Sisters drove it like a dance club as well. Matronic and frontman Jake Shears played the lead dancers — to the delight of many in the heavily male crowd, Shears slowly but continually revealed more of his cartoonishly toned body — and everyone else gyrated, pogoed, grinded and howled at their invitation.

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