SF Exploratorium Picks Ten Tech Toys for Xmas — Suhhweet!

If Black Friday didn't dent that bulletproof wallet of yours, the Exploratorium recommends their 10 neatest toys. All of them are both fun and educational, much like hip-hop statistics. These items are surefire ways to either unlock your child's wonder and imagination, or get them really pissed about not getting that ridiculously cool Optimus Prime figure. More than meets the eye:

Science Gift Guide 2007

Top Ten Holiday Picks from the Exploratorium Store

Build, experiment, cut, color and light up the holidays with new gifts that go beyond the everyday. Chosen by the staff of the Exploratorium, the world’s first and foremost hands-on science museum, these ten toys and gifts make science facts — whether familiar or new — come alive in fun ways. All gifts are found at www.exploratoriumstore.com , or call (415) 561-0393 for phone orders.

All proceeds from the Exploratorium Store support the activities of the Exploratorium. Stop by often — in person or on the web — and take a little science from the Exploratorium home with you for the holidays. Among them are:

Ball of Whacks

A must have for all future multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, Ball of Whacks is the latest incarnation of Roger von Oech’s creativity enriching products used by millions around the world. By dividing one of nature’s most beautiful shapes — the thirty-sided rhombic triacontahedron — into 30 pyramid pieces, the Ball of Whacks is in fact a fun set of magnetic building blocks that can be reshaped into a virtual kaleidoscope of beautiful forms. ($29.90)

Oscar Pascual

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