SF MOMA Exclusive with El Radio Fantastique

On Wednesday we got the chance to see the true value of upper-level membership at the SFMOMA: Exclusivity. One night every handful of months, $250 (and way up) a year lands you the opportunity to line pleasantly up at the door and get herded into opening-night exhibitions a full hour ahead of general members ($75 a year) and a satisfyingly distancing three days ahead of the ragtag public (zero per year, but with no obligation to go to the museum). Upper-levels also get, aside from the chance to overhear conversations by people who actually call themselves “donors,” free stuff — free music, free drinks, and most importantly, free food, provided you can elbow matrons with the skill of a diplomat. At last night's “Matisse: Painter As Sculptor” opening, depending on vagaries of replenishment, two buffet tables were loaded with some, all, or not nearly enough of the following:


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