SF Strip Club In the News Again

If you read Peter Jamison's post in the Snitch yesterday
about the troubles with Heaven Mini Theater or today's related story in the Chron, it's clear the city is actually doing something about one of it's so-called “problem clubs.” Finally.

While the Snitch scooped the Chron by about fourteen hours, the latter's rundown does have some additional details about the incident last April, when, according to court documents,: “a Heaven employee shot the Broadway Showgirls Nightclub doormen as retaliation for the witness handing out Showgirls passes in front of other clubs.”

The Chron story also has reaction from the club's attorney, claiming Heaven was in full compliance with city regulations, despite the fact that, as reported, “The club… violates the city's planning code on at least three fronts: operating after 2 a.m., operating on a story of a building not authorized for commercial use, and operating an adult entertainment business within 1,000 feet of another such establishment.” Apparently, being a sleazy den of sin with a wholly-ironic name isn't a violation in and of itself. Even more ironic: this version of Heaven clearly isn't “a place where nothing ever happens,” as the Talking Heads once insisted.

Adding to the salaciousness is the news that an undercover sting revealed that Heaven's strippers allegedly engaged in acts of prostitution–with kickback loot going to the club–although, lets be real, people: if you can't get a blow job at a strip club, you're either broke, fugly, psychotic, or overtly odiferous. I'm actually more shocked at the brazenness of the alleged shooting: what club has its employees shoot employees of another club for passing out flyers in front of the establishment? Now that's gangsta.

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