SF Weekly Names Winners of Masterminds Arts Grants

Thanks to Project One for hosting a great party and all the artists who helped make a terrific show last night. We wish we could have given out grants to everyone, but we only had enough money to give out three. 

​Without further ado, here are the artists who took home $2,500 checks to spend however they please:

Packard Jennings
Packard Jennings' work invades the lives of everyday people and isn't confined to a gallery. Imagine finding his anarchist action figure at Wal-Mart or one of his brochures at Walgreens directing you to locally-owned stores. You would have to stop and consider what you were looking at — who left it there? Why? In a consumer culture in which we're bombarded with empty sales slogans every day, Jennings makes us stop and think about the way we interact with the world.[page]

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