SFJFF Announces “Rockin' Puppet Mayhem”

Q: when is a puppet show not just a puppet show?
A: When the puppets referred to are the Puppet Folk Revival Band.

On July 31st, CellSpace hosts the West Coast concert debut of Rockin' Puppet Mayhem: the Puppet Folk Revival Band. Described in their PR as “an unholy blend of the puppetcraft of The Muppets performing a morphed version of faded and jaded rock survivors like Metallica and Spinal Tap–all sprinkled with the very blue banter of Red Orbach, an English-speaking Israeli version of South Park's Cartman.”


The spectacle of five life-sized puppets who appear to play their own instruments while performing satirical, Tom Lehrer-on-opiates originals (often ad-libbed) and pop culture covers has already been a huge hit in Israel, where PFRB originates from. But not only will PFRB's performance be something special (especially strange, at the least), it also marks the first musical concert ever presented by the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Watch a video of PFRB performing Michael Jackson's “Billie Jean” here, Jefferson Airplane's “White Rabbit” here, and David Bowie's “Space Oddity” here.  For more info, click here.

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