Should California Buy Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch? Yes, Please

The news that California Assemblyman Mike Davis wants the state to buy Michael Jackson's former estate and open it to the public has prompted many a raised eyebrow. How can California possibly afford to do this at a time when it's more strapped for cash than MJ was when he sold the place?

But is it actually a preposterous idea? No. It's a great idea. Add a petting zoo — if only for the double entendre — and I'm sold. But even if they kept it as is, what parents would rather see their child's eyes widen in wonder at the sight of Disneyland's Mickey Mouse for 70 bucks a pop, when they could get the same reaction by going to the infamous spot where police discovered syringes, IV stands, a metric shitload of drugs, and pictures of strange toddlers — all during a raid prompted by child molestation charges?

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