Sic Alps News: Free Beach Show and New Video (for Quasi)

Sic Alps have been busy dudes these days. When they're not opening for Pavement in London and Yo La Tengo here, they're touring Europe for a good chunk of the next two months. So if the weather cooperates on Easter Sunday, you'd be smart to head down to the dunes at the end of Lincoln (at Ocean Beach) and catch the band's 2 p.m. show with Thee Oh Sees.

Sic Apler Mike Donovan has a side career going on too: he made Quasi's new video for “Repulsion,” a super catchy bit of seething/soaring noise pop off the Portland act's new record, American Gong. The clip strobes pixillated lights and flashes of flesh at your eyeballs in rapid succession, making you nearly feel the title of the song if you're not prepared for the rapid-fire visual assault.

It's pretty cool the way this underground San Francisco act is making increasingly solid connections with the elderstatesmen of indie rock. Hopefully all these big shows and smaller videos add up to more support for the ever-interesting psych rock act.

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