Signal to Noise: A Look at Five New Tracks You Will Be Hearing on SF Dancefloors

Ever found yourself at a club without a clue as to what the DJ is playing? Signal to Noise is a brand new column that looks at the music that's currently being played (or that will be played) in San Francisco's many dance halls. For this week's inaugural edition, we've got a fair representation of the retro-house camp, but also some fine examples from the world of UK garage and hip-hop. Read on and give these tracks a listen.

1. Storm Queen – “It Goes On (Vox)”

The second track by Morgan Geist's (of Metro Area fame) Storm Queen project, “It Goes On” picks up largely where “Look Right Through” left off. The soulful vocals and deep bassline ride a fine line through a dark future-leaning sound, while still maintaining a distinctly retro sensibility. With one foot in the past and one foot in the future, expect this one to light up discerning house dancefloors in the early morning slot.

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