Signal to Noise: Five Local Resident DJs on Their Favorite New Tracks

Resident DJs are sometimes overlooked, but always influential — these are the devoted tastemakers working to make your night out a good one. For this week's Signal to Noise we caught up with some of our favorite local residents and asked them to tip us to one of their favorite tracks. Read on and listen, because there's a good chance you'll be hearing at least one of these the next time you go out.

1. Rich Korach, Resident DJ at As You Like It and Paxhau

“Beatbox (PBR Streetgang Mix)” by Crazy P

“I've really been loving this new remix of Crazy P called “Beatbox (PBR Streetgang Mix)”. I've played it my last two shows in a row, and that says a lot because I intentionally try not to repeat songs so closely. The thick analog acid bass line, sexy vocals, and deep breaky beats are everything I want in a house track though, so it's hard to hold this one back. It's just epic.”

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