Silent Frisco Turns Ocean Beach Into a Sandy, Sunny Dance Party

Silent Frisco

Ocean Beach

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I knelt down, untied my Chuck Taylor's, and let my bare feet touch the sand. It was a Sunday afternoon in the Richmond, and we were on a small stretch of Ocean Beach where Balboa meets the water. It was warm, with the Outer Richmond's natural grey punctured by an unusual (though still modest) amount of sunlight. As I was fiddling with my shoes, a half-naked man in a Lucha Libre mask ran past me, followed by two girls in bikinis covered in cupping marks. A pregnant woman with a hula hoop trailed not far behind. My headphones, rented from a booth set up on the street, began to pump out a remixed trap version of The Lumineers' “Ho Hey.” This was the latest edition of Silent Frisco, a roving event that throws wireless headphone-fueled daytime raves for the Burning Man crowd.

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