Sinead O'Connor Was Right: The Irish Rocker Takes Controversial Stands For Good Reasons

From the latest SF Weekly:

Sinead O'Connor: O'Connor wore white lace and tore the pope in half, in half again, and once more. Throwing eight papal scraps into the audience, she shouted, “Fight the real enemy!” Thundering silence followed, during which O'Connor calmly, or anyway without shaking, took off the ear-clip headphone monitor wire, collected her papers, and left. No one clapped, but not a single annoyed New Yorker booed, either. She was young that night — did she know what damage she'd done to her professional life? After the pope thing, she “became a joke,” even getting booed offstage at Madison Square Garden at a Bob Dylan tribute concert. “It definitely dealt a near-lethal blow to her career,” according to Rolling Stone. [continue reading]

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