Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Hardly Strictly '13 was hot, crowded, and flush wtith good performances. Our favorites were Low's simmering gothic rock, Bonnie Raitt's husky voice and supernatural guitar work, the heartworn soul of hard-working Bettye LaVette, and Billy Bragg's unapologetic populism. See more recaps online.

Metallica just released Through the Never, a sci-fi concert flick based on an errand-running roadie's journey though dystopia. What's the job like in real life? “As of yet, there has not been a fiery world of doom in my way while I am running a guitar to get repaired,” says band employee Avi Vinocur.

The Sacto punks of Get Shot took their disgust with the Westboro Baptist Church to a lurid new level – by filming a porno on its front lawn. Bassist Laura Lush disrobed and pleasured herself in broad daylight, while a camera captured the whole thing. Responding via Twitter, church reps were not amused.


After five years, Honey Soundsystem is ending its Sunday-night parties at Holy Cow, regarded by many as the best dance parties in the city. “We want to freshen it up, try something different – try to expand our vision and do things on other nights of the week,” says DJ and co-founder Jason Kendig. The last Honey Sunday will be Oct. 20.

We've entered the era of the Google Glass music video – and like the iPhone and GoPro eras before, this tech advance isn't all its cracked up to be. In these videos, the crowd, not the performer, becomes the subject. And audiences tend to look neither attentive nor impressive from onstage.

Sinead O'Connor missed the point of Miley Cyrus completely in an open letter, reducing her from an artist finding her own voice to a victim. She assumed Cyrus' image is the plaything of powerful men, but what we're seeing is Cyrus being herself. She's 20. Give her a break.

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