Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


• S.F. postpunk prodigy Weekend played its biggest-ever hometown show at the Independent on Thursday. In the audience: cool kids, club girls, and the bandmembers' moms. It's safe to say the band's all-encompassing blare made everyone proud.

Prince took a break from his 21-night stint in L.A. for a couple of San Jose shows last week. Thursday's set was short — about 90 minutes — but sweet and sexy: We got “Little Red Corvette” and “1999” early on, before the Purple One wandered through segments of more lascivious tunes like “Cream” and “U Got the Look” toward the end. Our professional opinion: “Woooooooo!”

• Since the world ended on Saturday — at least according to one wacky Oakland radio station — the displaced DJs of KUSF in Exile plan to take over the doomsayers' FCC license. “I think it's fair to say the members of KUSF in Exile have all sinned,” cooperative member Ted Dively says. Good — they'll be around to entertain the rest of us.


• Always full of bile, Jello Biafra has a newish song, “Dot Com Monte Carlo,” in which he rails against the appearance of valet parking on Valencia Street and the condo-owning millionaires trying to shut down local clubs. All of which is pretty funny — until Biafra gets to wondering why Mission gangs don't do drive-bys on the high-tech geeks he hates.

Katy Perry's tour rider — the document that spells out what she needs for every performance — leaked last week, and it's embarrassing: Along with requiring pink flowers and egg chairs in her dressing room, the woman asks promoters to hold back the best seats to her shows so she can sell them on second-market sites like StubHub for even more money. Yuck.

Glee is getting its own awards show. And since the Rapture hasn't actually come, we all have to live in a world in which the winner of an excessive number of awards creates yet another scheme to give itself more congratulations. If the suicide rate goes up this year, we'll know what's to blame.

For full versions of the above stories and much more about S.F. music, check out All Shook Down, our music blog.

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