Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Black Prairie, the Portland old-timey band that shares members with the Decemberists, gave a helluva music lesson at Bottom of the Hill. Playing accordion, autoharp, marxophone, and a few more conventional instruments, the band aired a gorgeous, largely instrumental set that actually taught us a few things.

• Onstage at Slim's, Texas country rocker Joe Ely was to be reunited with a custom guitar stolen from him 27 years ago in San Francisco. The axe was purchased in a pawn shop in Merced in 1989; its owner recently discovered that the guitar's pool-table motif was Ely's own vision, realized sometime around 1984.

Prince is such a dick: He smashed the Roots' Kirk Douglas' vintage guitar, hoards his best material, treated his old backing band like shit, and often seems to hate his fans. He's such a dick. But somehow, we still really love Prince.


• What's all the hype about with Seth Troxler? We checked him out at Public Works, and were surprised by the DJ's samey music choice and loose, sloppy mixing. By the end, we had to wonder if that looseness was his appeal — but if so, it didn't do much for us.

• You to go college, you pay your loans, you get a job — and still, famous musicians' kids get a way better life than you with no work at all. Consider Madonna's daughter's clothes and cosmetics line, or the attempts of Noah Cyrus (Billy Ray's daughter) to popularize children's lingerie. It's enough to make us sick.

Punk rock is bullshit? The Seattle writer who wrote that essay was basically complaining that the music he liked has become just another genre; that it failed because some people are jerks; and that it left him completely unprepared to be a grownup. But that's not punk's fault — it's his.

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