Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music


You know what's awesome? Underground parties. Especially ones thrown by the aces behind As You Like It, who packed Berlin DJ Prosumer and a mishmash of house bros and trenchcoated trend-surfers into a cement environs for a less-than-legal party last weekend. The bar line was very long, but then so was the night.

We asked local DJ and NY native Vinroc about the difference between East Coast and West Coast DJing: “There is more attention to the blend here… so many technically clean DJs,” he says. “Back east we were influenced by a more energy-based aesthetic, especially in hip-hop. A lot of slamming and scratching tracks in… I personally love both.”

Maybe it sounds weird, but Thanksgiving Eve was a perfect night to catch death metal stalwart Morbid Angel perform its masterpiece album, Covenant, at Slim's. There's no denying the visceral thrill of a band revisiting a seminal record with the avid throng that helped put that album on the map. Onstage, Morbid Angel could do no wrong.


Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins pleaded guilty to child molestation charges, throwing us — who've been personal friends with the man for more than 17 years — into a fit of shame and agonized questioning. How did we miss this? How do we reconcile the man we were friends with and the one who's sitting in a South Wales prison? We have no comforting answers, only sadness and sympathy for his victims.

On a lighter note, may we tell you about a Christmas nightmare involving Prince William, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and “Livin' on a Prayer?” A collaboration that (of course) took place at a Kensington Palace fundraiser called, um, the “Winter Whites Gala?” The Caucasian-ness of this was truly blinding. You'll just have to watch the video.

So Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones have released Foreverly, a remake of the Everly Brothers' classic Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. Yes, the collaboration is awkward. We're thrilled they're calling attention to a forgotten album, but a little put off by their attempts to “modernize” the sound. You can't improve on perfection.

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