Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


• So you want to party all night in S.F.? We explored Monroe's 6 a.m. Afterhours party, where — after a quick nap — you can roll your night out into the next day. Lee Burridge hit the decks Sunday morning in this posh North Beach club, where a crowd of tourists, bros, and chic types danced through the early hours. Don't let the state liquor curfew stop you!

• At Vice and Intel's Creators Project, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Murphy, Squarepusher, Zola Jesus, and many more dazzled a packed crowd in between various art exhibits. The Fort Mason show offered a good mix of rock and electronica, and went off just fine — save for the drunk dude who crashed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' set.

• In a rollicking, 150-minute show at The Fillmore, the Drive-By Truckers reminded us why we have rock 'n' roll in the first place.


• The worst of SXSW: The endless parade of tech difficulties, a “naked cowboy” who wasn't naked, the godawful Doritos vending machine stage — which towered over downtown Austin like an MSG-dealing ogre — and Lil Wayne's lame set at Thursday's Young Money showcase. It couldn't all be good, or even mediocre. Some of it was downright terrible.

• There were two themes at Too $hort's Thursday night show: blunts and the word “bitch.” The Bay's favorite 45-year-old teenager played a sloppy, stoned, and careless set that was really only saved by his six-piece live band. Anyone with mixed feelings about liking songs that prominently feature the B-word was left out in the cold.

Madonna is a satanist — that's the claim made in an obsessively detailed, 4,000-word Christian Post article. Of course, the writer's idea of satanism is an impossibly broad one that considers unholy the reverence of anything not directly related to her idea of Christ. At least the batshittery was entertaining.

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