Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music


Jay Z and Justin Timberlake delivered a show at Candlestick Park that pretty much lived up to their “Legends of Summer” billing. Justin is a spirited performer, but sometimes seemed like he was playing to the judges on a reality show. Jay Z was imposing, quietly solid, and aggressive without trying too hard.

• One night, two parties, two breakdowns. The first for Lost in the Night was at the Lab, where a power problem stopped the music and sent some audience members away, but only upped the vibe for those who stayed until it returned. The second was at an underground party, where the music stoppage was followed by shouting: “COPS! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”

• It's always nice to hear someone tell it like it is. DJ Eug, co-founder of the immaculate FACE parties and local dance label Public Release, put the latter's mission thus: “This label is not a 'business' … our priorities are simply to get the music we like out.” Right on.


We compared Chicago's Pitchfork Festival with Outside Lands, and came away thankful for S.F.'s chilly-but-predictable weather and incredible food and drink options. We wish leaving on Muni weren't such a clusterfuck, though, and it'd be cool if our local festival's merch options matched the music-nerd cornucopia at Pitchfork.

• So Elvis Costello and the Roots put out a song together — but why does Costello so obviously phone in his performance on “Walk Us Uptown”? This is not the sound of someone who gives a shit anymore.

• It's Royal Baby mania out there, and to celebrate, we rounded up a list of the best, lesser-known anti-royal songs. The Stone Roses' “Elizabeth My Dear” is essential listening these days, but nothing cures monarch fatigue like Billy Bragg's “Take Down the Union Jack.”

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