Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music


Wicked Sound System celebrated its 22-year anniversary with an all-night party at Mighty. The old-school S.F. rave crowd kept the energy high past dawn, and we're still kicking ourselves for missing DJ Markie's 5 a.m. set. “Thanks for keeping S.F. weird,” Thomas Bullock barked to the crowd at one point.

Burger Boogaloo drew the nostalgia-rock faithful to a battered venue in Oakland's Mosswood Park, where true old-timers like Jonathan Richman and Redd Kross proved most captivating of the weekend lineup. We dug the throwback vibes of Shannon and the Clams and Fuzz, too.

Need a dose of new music? We rounded up five new tunes you gotta hear, including the acid-country croonings of Daughn Gibson, J.T. and Jay Z's latest collaboration, and the psychedelic heartbreak of Mali Michael. Check them out on our blog.


As a tonic to all the musical Fourth of July celebrations out there, we rounded up a different kind of patriotic jam: the propaganda kind. It's startling to look back and find sexist pro-McCarthy tunes like “Get That Communist, Joe!”, wherein the narrator fears that his woman is being seduced by the Reds.

The history of musicians punching their fans is long, weird, and occasionally justified. Anyone who fucked with Henry Rollins in his Black Flag days should have known what they were getting. But then there's Axl Rose getting pissed at a fan for taking a picture, and deciding to act as security himself. It didn't end well.

Know what's annoying? Producers aping the recent past while whining about unspecified peers. In an interview, Jerome LOL muses about how “it would be great if innovation was the norm.” Maybe he should try some of the experimentation he wants to see in music?

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