Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Weird Al” Yankovic brought three decades' worth of musical parodies to the Fox Theater, skewering pop artists' air-headed detachment and scoring a victory for nerds in the process. Switching costumes more often than Lady Gaga, Yankovic played Kurt Cobain, an Amish rapper, and a 450-pound Michael Jackson, among many othercharacters. Thefinale was, of course, all about Star Wars.

• Detroit techno heavyweight Carl Craig played a secret party inside a dilapidated Baptist church in Oakland for a crowd of dance-scene veterans. If the setting wasn't special enough, his classic selections and impeccable mixing lent the proceedings areligious vibe. By 4 a.m., everyone was a believer.

• Fillmore District rapper San Quinn reviewed his own discography for us, explaining how he and Messy Marv kicked it in Quinn's mom's house on Grove Street, partying it up at the ages of 18 and 19. Turns out Quinn was skeptical about releasing 2006's “Hell Yeah!” as a single. But with the support of people like KMEL's Big Von, it went on to become his biggest hit.


• Talk about odd pairings: Das Racist brought its race-conscious rhymes to Ruby Skye on Friday for a quick show before the high-heels and limousines set took back its regular haunt. It was kind of a disaster, with mics failing all over the place and sketchy sound. If successful performances were scarce, though, material for ironic jokes was not.

• Longtime S.F. bar and rock club Kimo's will be sold to new owners at the end of the year, likely bringing its regular shows by local bands to an end. In addition to presenting the first-ever performances of countless local rockers, the club has also hosted the likes of Metallica and Agent Orange. We'll miss that narrow upstairs stage.

• So the FBI just classified Juggalos — the fans of Insane Clown Posse — as a gang. Nope, not a gang of idiots, but a gang of criminals, as a warning to law enforcement nationwide. Look, some Juggalos may be drug-addled and imbecilic, but it's quite a stretch to put them in the same league as violent street and prison gangs.

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