Slimmy B Crowns a String of Mixtapes with ‘All Net’ EP

The SOB X RBE rapper teams up with DJ Gutta Butta on a survey of his Vallejo kingdom.

Even as the boys of SOB x RBE found mainstream recognition and revitalized Vallejo hip-hop, their group was never more than a side-project or stepping stone to its members’ individual ambitions. Slimmy B may not have gotten as much attention for his 2018 mixtape, Feel My Pain as he did for SOB x RBE’s Gangin’, but it was obvious that the former was where his energies really lay. Even the title suggests that he was saving his harshest stories for the moment he was alone with himself and a mic. 

Each year since 2017 has seen the release of a new Slimmy B Project, and this year he’s brought twice the material. After releasing The People’s Champ in January, he is set to release All Net, a project entirely produced by DJ Nutta Butta, another Vallejo mainstay. While Slimmy B’s first three mixtapes dug into hardship, childhood, and violence, his most recent work seems focused on cementing his status as a local Vallejo legend. Time 2 Shine, The People’s Champ, and now All Net are a string of celebrations — and, on All Net in particular, a moment to survey his kingdom and guard against those enemies, real and perceived, who are coming for his throne. In the middle of all this paranoia and vitriol, Slimmy B does take pause to enjoy some fun and debauchery, like the song “For the Night,” which can’t quite be called a love song, but might check the box for a romance song. 

If Slimmy B is aiming for all net and all celebration, then he’s come to the right producer. DJ Gutta Butta has spent the last two years working closely with Benny, Vallejo’s singer-rapper Casanova, an admitted Drake stan whose songs frequently revolve around him creeping with your girl on the low. Here, DJ Gutta Butta tries his hand at matching Slimmy B’s guttural rhymes to beats that are a little bouncier, that — if you were to hear the instrumentals alone — might be something you could step to.

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