Sly & Robbie, Patti Smith, Floetry — ASD's Live Music Picks for Tuesday, August 14

Sly & Robbie, 9 at Slim's. $28.

“”I close my eyes, the bass in my hand, and my channel open to God,” reggae legend Robbie Shakespeare once said, explaining his approach. “I try to look for the perfect bass line.” In partnership with drummer Sly Dunbar, Shakespeare has played on an estimated 200,000 tracks in the past thirty years, producing an astonishingly high percentage of perfect bass lines. As the leading rhythm section in a rhythm-oriented genre, Sly and Robbie have played on classic albums by everyone from Peter Tosh to Culture to Black Uhuru, redefining the beat of reggae many times over. (Dunbar has pointed out that when you play the same reggae kick-drop rhythm every day for a year, not only do you get good at it, you have an urgent need to find new variations on it.)” — Rolling Stone

Patti Smith, 9 at the Fillmore. $35.

“Patti Smith has done memorable covers since the beginning of her long career — “Land of 1,000 Dances,” “Gloria” — but this is her first collection entirely comprising other people's songs. In addition to indulging herself with some old favorites, the celebrated punk matriarch has something to tell us about what these songs mean in this modern world of war, strife, lies and struggle.” — Los Angeles Times

Floetry, 8 at the Independent. $27.

“Not keen to embrace the dreaded sophomore slump, Floetry have produced a mind-blowing album that has them stepping up their soul game once again…When they're not in the seductive mood though, these Brit girls sketch out the trivialities of modern day relationships with plenty of style and class.Carrie Bradshaw take note, this is Sex in the City, London (via Philadelphia) style.” — BBC

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