Small Show Calendar: Giant Sand, Mane, Lumerians, and More

[The Bay Area is actively producing and attracting experimentalists, multimedia performance artists, cult punk ritualists, and innovative anti-socials with no capacity for self-promotion. Hidden Agenda is a column that spreads the word about their performances.]

Though musicians are often romanticized as breathing embodiments of rock 'n roll for whom the music and myth are inseparable, two forces entwined at a biological level, the truth is that, on one level or another, they're actors. The projected persona of most musicians is just another one of their creative outlets. It's a mystique and second skin donned for interviewers and concert attendees to go along with the music. Suspending disbelief over the fact that a musician might live in a duller world than the one described up in song is escapist fantasy. Let's be realistic. My favorite punk bandleaders are not crazy mutants all of the time, your favorite nomadic folkie stands in line at the DMV and consults a CPA for his taxes. Accept this and realize how thin the barrier between rock concerts, theater, performance art, and dance truly is.

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