Soccer Mommy Embraces ‘Chill but Kinda Sad’ Vibes

Clean follows the 21-year-old’s ‘very depressing and cool’ experience of moving to New York for college in indie heartbreak-style.

One of the few ways Sophie Allison’s musical age shows is not through the number itself, but in the Justin Timberlake “Sexyback” ringtone she chose as a 12-year-old.

At age 21, the Nashville native has a full-length album, Clean, under the moniker Soccer Mommy — a name that conjures up the image of a suburban middle-aged woman who finally has the time to pursue singing. Having Allison behind an album’s worth of lo-fi confessional rock songs is not entirely expected.

“I think some people underestimate young people,” Allison tells SF Weekly. “But I think mostly when people say it about me, they’re saying it as a compliment. Hopefully, that means I sound mature.”

Allison started recording songs the summer after high school graduation, dubbing them on Bandcamp as “chill but kinda sad.” Upon emerging as an indie-rock heartbreak kid, she left for New York University but soon fell into a depression, lacking deep friendships during her first year.

Although she considered herself good at school and always planned to graduate with a degree, she ignored her homework and spent most of her time on music instead. Going to shows by herself, Allison looked to artists like Foxes in Fiction to chart a career path. With opportunities to record and tour, taking time off school seemed like an easy decision. And thus, Clean was born.

“It very much encapsulates moving to a new city for college, having a new life experience that can be very depressing and cool and nothing’s ever like it,” Allison says.

It’s easy to see the influences she herself cites — Avril Lavigne and Liz Phair, chief among them — but the confrontational confessionals are her own. “Your Dog” fiercely demands respect with “I want a love that lets me breathe / I’ve been choking on your leash” while “Cool” turns up the breeze while admiring a girl who exhibits similar behavior.

But for Treasure Island Music Festival, she teases playing the dark, angsty “Flaw” and“Scorpio Rising” that gives off a surge of energetic instrumentals amid self-realization.

“It’s not the depth of my personality and not all the things that have hurt me,” Allison says of the full album. “I think it just sums up being a 20-year-old.”

Soccer Mommy, Sunday, Oct. 14, 1:20-2 p.m., on the City Stage.

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