Spotify Is Wrong To Not See Pandora as a Competitor

Lots of interesting stuff in Spotify CEO Daniel Ek's new interview with the Hollywood Reporter: He disses Beats Music, fights back against Thom Yorke's slam of Spotify (and of streaming royalties in general), and again defends the fact that Spotify isn't turning a profit. But maybe the most interesting — and to my mind, wrongheaded — part of the interview is where Ek talks about Oakland's own Pandora, the Internet radio service:

I don't really view them as a competitor. The rest of the world seems to, for some reason. We want Spotify to be your music player. We don't want to be the radio service; we don't want to be the place where you watch a music video and then a cat the next moment. We want to be the place where you store and collect, where you build your playlist for your dinner party or your workout. That is very different from Pandora.

Here's the problem with this: I don't think the average consumer cares or even necessarily wants to have to distinguish between a “radio” service like Pandora or “store and collect” service like Spotify.

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