St. Valentine Sweetie Pie Fest, Literary Death Match, Fool's Gold, and Vegan Cooking Demo

The pre-Valentine's Day weekend: If you're in a relationship, spend it smooching and taking in a romantic folk show, art exhibit, or do whatever it is you young lovers like to do. If you're on the prowl, hit the clubs and flash that sweet wad of cash you've saved — thanks, of course, to our handy-dandy list of 10 things to do this weekend in San Francisco for less than the price of a red velvet-dressed box of drugstore chocolates:

Literary Death Match @ Elbo Room (Fri.)
The stereotypical literary reading is about as thrilling as televised fly-fishing, with tweed-jacketed professorial types mumbling through their work. Unlike many stereotypes, there's more than a bit of truth to this one, which is why we're grateful for the literature-as-bloodsport approach of the Literary Death Match. It introduces cutthroat competition and high stakes to readings, like an Ultimate Fighting Championship for word nerds. At this LDM, queer pulp novelist Monica Nolan, poet Geoff Bouvier, self-avowed straight male expert John Scott, and The Aristobrats author Jennifer Solow each have seven minutes to assert their storytelling dominance. The panel of judges includes former Chronicle book editor Oscar Villalon, novelist April Sinclair, and Sam Barry of HarperOne books. ($7, 7 p.m.) — Paul M. Davis

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