Stanley Marsh 3, Artist Who Mentored Christopher Owens, Dies at 76

As has been discussed many times, Christopher Owens, formerly of Girls and now a well-known San Francisco solo artist, had an unusual upbringing. His parents were members of the Jesus cult known as the Children of God, and traveled all over the world for the first years of Owens' life. He later followed his sister to Texas, where he lived largely on the streets — until he unexpectedly found a mentor and a benefactor. That man was Stanley Marsh 3, a Texas eccentric and artist who created the Cadillac Ranch, and helped Owens hone the creative work that eventually pushed him to move to San Francisco.

Marsh died this afternoon, according to news reports. He was 76. Owens — who is often chatty online — sadly and cryptically noted the passing of his father-like figure on Twitter:

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