Stern Grove Festival To Host Free Pop-Up Concerts Around S.F.

In its 77 years of providing free summer concerts to the public, the Stern Grove Festival has provided a stage for 770 different performances and entertained over six million attendees. Crazy, right?

Located on 19th Avenue and Sloat, Stern Grove is easy to get to for people who live in the Sunset District, but for people who live downtown or even further away, Stern Grove is a long way to go for a concert, even if it is free. This was the inspiration to start Grove on the Road, a program launching in early May that will be hosting “pop-up” concerts all over San Francisco.

“We started wondering how we could move beyond our confines of Stern Grove,” says Steven Haines, who's been executive director of the Stern Grove Festival since 2006. “Even though it's free admission, some people can't make it to Stern. We wanted to engage communities who aren't so involved with the arts. We wanted to give more back to the community.”

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