Stripmall Architecture Plays Café Du Nord Thursday

Hey shoegazers! Yeah, you. Up here. That's it. Do you have a hankering for trance-inducing, dreamy indietronica? Does the mention of a band somewhere in-between Sigur Ros and the Cocteau Twins make those little hairs on the back of your neck tingle? If so, you owe it to yourself to check for Stripmall Architecture's show at the Café Du Nord on Thursday. Rising from the ashes of defunct San Rafael outfit Halou, Stripmall Architecture has emerged to give you your musical opiate fix–no syringes or spoons needed. You've got to love any band whose description of their music on their MySpace page reads “Birds. Angry, angry birds,” or for that matter, any band with a song titled “And Then Crazy Kills the Fun.” The SA album won't be out for another month, but you can catch a preview here. And if you're a fan of the band's last incarnation, don't despair: Stripmall Architecture will be playing some Halou stuff at DuNord, along with newer material.

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