Sunday: The Folsom Street Fair

Fetishists (and gawkers) of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations and kinks gathered together to celebrate their love of leather at the 25th annual Folsom Street Fair. The event included games, demonstrations, shopping and music from bands including the Presets, Shiny Toy Guns and the English Beat.

Unfortunately, the festival was so packed that it was difficult to navigate and almost impossible to adequately explore. There were people packed into each block so tightly it was almost challenging to walk. Cock rings, jock straps and chaps rubbed all over each person trying to make it through the crowd. However, the booze was flowing and the abundance of nudity and exceptional leather provided an excellent afternoon.

Between the bears and the bondage exhibitions there was more than enough to look at. One booth had Twister (with an option for spanking) taking donations to support a local bathhouse; another had a woman bound while several other women tweaked nipples, clits and anything else they could get their hands on. Shocking, but surely liberating. The most exciting aspect of the festival lies in the opportunity for fetishists to be themselves, even put their kinks on display. It also displays the diverse and involved sexual community to those not directly involved.

It's nice to see the San Francisco sex scene flourishing. Words cannot do the event justice, so check below the fold for photos that show what really went down. – Melissa Baron


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