Sunight's Surround Sound Experiment Recalls the Chill-Out Rooms of Yesteryear

Overlap Soundsystem presents Sunight with Snuise, Manitous, and Christopher Willits

Public Works OddJob Loft

Sunday, March 30, 2014

There was a time in the 1990s, I'm told, when every rave had its chill-out room. These were dreamy side spaces, where ambient music and downtempo selections created a comfortable atmosphere for zoned-out partiers to regain their bearings. Though some parties still employ something resembling this concept — As You Like It has utilized the Public Works OddJob Loft to such ends — chill-out rooms have nearly followed nootropic “smart bars” and virtual reality installations on the path to nightlife extinction. Last night, though, I was surprised to find myself in something that resembled one these places of a bygone era, when Overlap Soundsystem took over Public Works OddJob Loft for “Sunight,” the latest in its series of Ambisonic surround sound explorations.

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