Superbad: Soundtrack Way Funkier Than First Thought

The ASD work headphones just went caput, likely because someone in the office “borrowed” them into an early grave. Which sucks because we’re pretty sure this clip of Bootsy Collins and crew recording the Superbad soundtrack is tight. Hell, the whole concept of the soundtrack is tight.

The composer, Lyle Workman and music supervisor, Jonathan Karp agreed that the original music be as authentic as possible in order to sound as soulful and greasy as the songs and score music that had been temped in as inspiration. This path toward authenticity dictated that the musicians were the originators and innovators — the most influential names synonymous with Funk. With sights set on soul royalty, the team set out going after the alumni of James Brown's band. Bootsy Collins, Mr. Brown's groundbreaking bassist before joining George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, was the first on board. Nabbed next was the funkiest of funky drummers, Clyde Stubblefield and John “Jab'o” Starks, both heard on Mr. Brown's most popular songs. Adding Phelps “Catfish” Collins on guitar and keyboard genius Bernie Worrell, the dream band had been assembled. Because they had not seen each other in years, the spirit in the studio was very much a family reunion and something to behold.

Full write-up from the Superbad people after the jump. –d2

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