Surya Dub Turns Two

If there's a local sound system more representative of the “Outernational” sound than Surya Dub, we've yet to hear it. We all knew that sub-bass's depth-delving frequencies could move your rump in interesting ways, but before Surya got surly and stepped up to the plate with their mix of ragga, bhangra, dubstep, electro-hop, and D'n'B, who knew that low-end madness could become the aural equivalent of Esperanto, linking global cultures and uniting people under a steady, thumping groove?

Surya Dub's second anniversary happens from about 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. Saturday at Club Six, and as usual, it's sure to put a hum in your dinger. The downstairs “Sub-Hz Den” features guests 2562 (from the Netherlands!) and the Gaslight Killer (from L.A.!), along with SD residents Maneesh the Twister, Kid Kameleon, MC Daddy Frank, and the Contact VJs; upstairs, “Inna Yard,” you'll find guests Lud Dub along with residents Jimmy Love and DJ Amar playing nonstop bhangra, electric vardos, and cosmic vibes. Tix are $15 at the door, but if you click here, you can score presales for just $10.

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