Tamaryn: Show Preview

Tamaryn's roster of residences includes New Zealand, New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (the latter her current home), but the way she sings makes you think she's forever trapped on some galactic strata between heaven and Earth, with cooing and moaning the only respite from her strange prison. In 2000, the vocalist met her musical soulmate in guitarist Rex John Shelverton. Eight years later, the pair began generating delightfully lush shoegaze together, using Tamaryn's name as their moniker. The video for “The Garden,” off the duo's second and latest album Tender New Signs, focuses on just what makes this project alluring. First, Shelverton's opulent, feedback-coated melodies and Tamaryn's gravity-defying vocals set a mystical scene. Then, the clip's saturated, erratic footage of flowers and the singer herself complete the psychedelic feel. No narcotics are necessary for this trip.

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