Teen Daze: Show Preview

Jamison sure loves his natural scenery. The last-name-lacking chillwave/dream-pop beatsmith and Canadian citizen behind Teen Daze consistently uses his cover art to share gentle organic vistas. Full-length The Inner Mansions, and EPs The House On The Mountain and Four More Years, all feature forestry, while his debut LP All Of Us, Together captures two bodies free falling from space toward a silent, hopeful Earth. The sweeping, ice-covered mountains sprawled across the front of Glacier — Teen Daze's third and latest record — continue this theme, as do track titles like “Alaska,” “Tundra,” and “Ice on the Windsill.” That last tune in particular feels like time-lapse photography of somewhere cold, empty, and strangely comforting — maybe Antarctica — interpreted through dulcet, unobtrusive electronica. Teen Daze's aesthetic doesn't particularly enrich chillwave's longstanding woozy-beats-for-fading-daylight formula, but Glacier provides a pretty and endearing listen anyhow. Here's to chillierwave.

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