Tera Melos: Show Preview

For a while there, it didn't look like the Sacramento trio Tera Melos was ever going to get serious about anything besides keeping its songs both technically proficient and structurally and semantically indecipherable. But then it found a way to shape up and cohere without sacrificing the core weirdness of its twitchy brand of anthem-prog. The proof is in its second full-length, X'ed Out, released last month, which is unexpectedly approachable and — for the record — really good. On hand to prime you for Tera Melos's reverb-drenched and vaguely melancholic twist-and-crawl: the post-emo jangle of British labelmates TTNG (who went by This Town Needs Guns once, in happier times) and the weirdly soulful math-pop vibes of locals EV Kain.

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