The 50 Best Rolling Stone Special Issues Ever

A magazine that you sometimes see in the waiting rooms of tire stores, Rolling Stone remains tirelessly dedicated to reporting on its own place in the history of the teensy sliver of music that its publisher enjoys. To that end, the august rag is forever publishing important lists ranking the best musicians and albums and Beatles songs, all of which mean the world to people who enjoy reading three times each year for the rest of their lives how important 1967 was.

But not even a great magazine can go it alone. In that spirit, we offer this list of our favorite special Rolling Stone issues. This was hard, because they all qualify! Seriously, this was like picking a junior-high school's best masturbator!

100 – 92: The chronological anniversary issue every five years or so, including the three they did in 2007 alone.

92- 81: The by-number anniversary issue every twenty-five issues or so.

80 – 70: The every-couple-years countdown issue where they rearrange their listings of the same 500 records recorded between '65 and '76 and then throw in Nevermind and maybe some Kanye if he's still a thing.

70 – 60: The semi-annual special issue looking back at the history of the Beatles, who changed everything so powerfully that there's no need for anything ever to change at all again.

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