The Bilinda Butchers: Hazy, Seductive New Bedroom Pop from S.F.

Alright, so they're called the Bilinda Butchers, which will either infuriate or delight My Bloody Valentine fans out there. (Non-nerds: Bilinda Butcher was the seminal shoegaze band's second vocalist, the one who sang that song you love on the Lost in Translation soundtrack and most of the others you probably know.)

The Bilinda Butchers, however, is not another warmed-over shoegaze band — which is a good thing. What is it? Warmed-over chillwave, or dream-pop, or something: Think machine beats, haze aplenty, dragging tempos, vocals half-covered in the luxuriant vapors of a cheap synthesizer. This S.F. duo cites the Radio Department as a big influence, and appropriately so: Like the best Radio Department stuff, a few of the songs on the Bilinda Butchers' new EP are pretty much immediately seductive. That EP, Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams — which came out last week — is available for download on a pay-what-you-want basis. Hear it after the jump.

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