The Elbo Room Condo Conversion Moves Ahead

Time for your monthly Elbo Room freakout.

Despite repeated insistence this past year from Matt Shapiro, who owns the beloved rock 'n' roll dive on Valencia, that rumors of condo conversion were just that, we got word today that the San Francisco Planning Commission will be holding a “pre-application” meeting on Nov. 6 with Kerman Morris Architects, whose early drafts for a new five-story residential building at 647 Valencia caused our initial wave of hysteria in February. 

“We are aware of the building owners' plans to build condos on this property,” Shapiro told SF Weekly in an email. “Whether they get approval from the city and how long it will take is really anyone's guess. The one thing that is definite is our lease goes for another year [through Nov. 1, 2015].” 

[jump] The news, while not entirely unexpected, feels especially cruel on this sunny Monday after last week's announcement about The Lex closing. One good thing: The stated purpose of a pre-application meeting is to “initiate neighbor communication” and gather feedback from the community about proposed construction before it moves ahead. Got some feedback? (Knowing the state of the Mission lately: Probably.) You might want to show up at the Mission Station community room on Thursday, Nov. 6 at 6 p.m. to share it.

Then maybe head across the street for a drink at the Elbo Room. Check out the calendar, support some local bands, tip your bartenders well. 

Shapiro (who owns the bar, not the building) said he'd be issuing a full statement later this afternoon. We'll update this post when we hear more. 

[via Mission Local]

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