The Fall of Cardburg, Elton John and Anonymous vs. Scientolgy at Powell Station – Your Monday Morning Hangover

Friday night saw the destruction of Cardburg, the fictional municipality the Cardboard Institute of Technology constructed for shits, giggles and documentary purposes. Our Gretchen Robinette witnessed the massacre and came away thinking:

“If everyone decided to belligerently beat each other with cardboard to release their aggressions and emotional inhibitions like this Friday night, the world might be a safer place. Who would have thought cardboard could be so entertaining? And hey –it's all recyclable!”

Check out her photos here.

On Saturday, we ran into Anonymous – those masked crusaders who've vowed to take Scientology down (or at least annoy the fuck out of Scientologists wherever they may be – somebody's gotta do it).

Anonymous claims that, desperate for dough, Scientology held a national bookathon, pimping L. Ron Hubbard's “Dianetics” on the 18th and 19th of April. I thought it was strange to see folks selling the book at Powell Station last Friday – using their clever “stress test” ruse to draw passers-by in and convince them buying the book was the way out of the dark. (They tried to get me to buy it this way at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books a few years ago. Creepy.) Sure enough, Anonymous showed up outside Powell, masked and armed with break-dancers. Photos under the fold. . .

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