The Five Dumbest Songs By Artists Glen E. Friedman Has Photographed

The Dead Kennedys, photographed by Glen E. Friedman

As you may have seen in the Nov. 3 issue of SF Weekly, legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman brought his long-running “Fuck You All” exhibit to 941 Geary this past weekend, where it will happily live for the rest of 2010. We are so thrilled we'll probably send it flowers, visit it once a week, then take ourselves out for ice-cream and a romantic walk afterwards.

Of the incredible punk rock, skateboard, and hip-hop photos he is famed for, Friedman has said he wants them to “kick [people's] ass[es] into doing something new.” But we're a little bit worried that a collection of this magnitude of coolness might be a little intimidating, that those in attendance might immediately feel lame by comparison. So, with that in mind, we wanted to reassure you all that even the ridiculously innovative, unique, and inspirational artists featured in Friedman's photos slip up now and again. Here then, are the five dumbest songs by Glen E. Friedman subjects.

5. “My Adidas,” Run-D.M.C.

Remember when the ladies of “Sex & The City “would endlessly club viewers over the head with the words “Manolos” and “Blahniks” week after week — and how obnoxious that was? Think of this as the musical prequel to that. Not that we don't enjoy it (it's Run-D.M.C. for crying out loud — they could be rapping about seal-clubbing and we'd probably still dance). But, let's be real here: product placement sucks, regardless of who's placing the product. And, in this context, the line “I stepped on stage at Live Aid, all the people gave and the poor got paid” makes it sound like Adidas made that happen — if we were Bob Geldof or Midge Ure we'd be hella pissed.

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