The Five Weirdest Movie Performances By Rock Musicians

Putting rock musicians in movies has been a catchpenny ploy since about fifteen minutes after rock music began to hit nationwide in the mid-1950s. The crusty-nosed brats buying all the records were, after all, the very same unruly vermin clogging American drive-ins every weekend. At first, acts were rung on to do numbers in the manner of swing or jazz combos in innumerable 1940s B-programmers, but soon the temptation to cast rockers in lead and supporting roles became too great. Here are a few of the more puzzling examples:

5) Meat Loaf in Roadie (1980)
Critical reappraisal is past due for this comic chronicle of one Travis W. Redfish (Loaf), preeminent load-out man of '70s festival rock and freakishly durable pratfall victim. There's just too much intelligence and menace in the star's pudgy, foot-wide face to quite pull off a lead role as an idiot-savant, but his comic timing is better than most SNL alums, and the story has a few minor-key charms among the major-level noise supplied by Blondie, Alice Cooper, Pat Benatar, and the B-52s. Director Alan Rudolph went on to carriage-trade success with Choose Me (1984) and The Moderns (1988).

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