The Great San Francisco Donut Debate That Wasn't

That donuts taste really good is a fact beyond dispute, but everything else is up for grabs. This is especially true in San Francisco, a city packed full of both indistinct donut shops and culinary claim-stakers. Bob's Donuts on Polk is oft-cited as the granddaddy of San Francisco donuts, but Gridskipper leads us to a handful of other out-of-the-way donut houses acclaimed for their particular renditions of the classics.

But let's not complicate things too much: we're still talking about dough fried in animal fat and submerged in liquid sugar, and really, what doesn't sound good about that? As Gridskipper points out, though, do yourself a favor and get coffee somewhere else.

do-nutter pic by golly molly on flickr

— Brian Bernbaum

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