The Klaxons, Mad Caddies, Pistolera — ASD's Live Music Picks for Wednesday July 11

The Klaxons, 9 at Great American Music Hall. $16.

“New rave: the plaything of a group of east London art kids; a multi-tentacled neon revolution; a rebirth of punk flying alongside the soul of dance music and under the influence of lost weekends on interstellar ketamine terror-cruises. And you know what else? It's a fucking albatross around the neck of the most thrilling and visionary band Britain's had in more than a decade. Klaxons? They're just a bunch of new rave scenesters, right? Wrong. When new rave's legacy has become little more than a serotonin drought in the brains of its disciples, 'Myths Of The Near Future' will remain one of the most dynamic, intense and totally lunatic pop records of the early 21st century.” —NME

Mad Caddies, 8 at Slim’s. $16.

“Did anyone forget to tell these guys that Ska music peaked about the same time as me…during my high school graduation? Probably not and that's just fine. The Mad Caddies hail from the Santa Barbara area and formed around 1995 – during the 'Third Wave Ska Movement.' Keep It Going reps a mish-mash of sounds circling the Ska foundation, so don't pickle em' just Ska. Call them a nicely formed mature sound with excellent composition and mainstream sensibilities: drawing from reggae, jazz, swing, rockabilly, pop, and polka.” —The Owl

Pistolera, 9:30 at Café Du Nord. $10.

“PIstolera is the brainchild of Sandra Velasquez, a woman who grew up in San Diego listening to the music of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Sonic Youth. But her childhood wasn't all about the rock'n'roll. “In the living room,” she says, “my mother was pumping cumbia, merengue and Mexican pop music.” And the result of such a diverse crop of influences can be heard in her music. Pistolera melds the sass of indie rock with traditional Latin sounds to create compelling pop melodies, all of it sung entirely in Spanish.” —Billboard

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