The Legends

Up Against the Legends

Jesus Christo, what's up with Sweden? Every single band that comes out of Volvoland — from the Hives to the Concretes to Ace of Base — makes pop so fine you'd think it'd come from a magic caterpillar. The latest case is the Legends, a nine-person ensemble built around Jonah Angergard of Club 8 and Acid House Kings fame. Whereas his earlier acts were tweer than a bumblebee lunch box, Angergard's latest group seems to have been bred on a strict diet of Jesus & Mary Chain albums. The band plays giddy, uptempo noise-pop with low production values and high spirits, rife with bouncy handclaps, fuzzy distorto hooks, and ennui-driven upbeat vocals. It's a simple formula to be sure, but in these Swedes' hands, it sounds like heaven — like your first roller coaster plunge, your first hit of Ecstasy, your first visit from the Swedish Bikini Team. Forget France; vive la Sweden!

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