The Mother Truckers: Cowpunk Coitus

What currently passes for racy humor in mainstream country music are winking, beat-around-the-bush abstractions like Brad Paisley's “Ticks.” But Austin-based country-rockers the Mother Truckers don't subscribe to that play-it-safe formula (hell, their band name alone proves as much). With the Truckers' third album — Let's All Go to Bed — Teal Collins and Josh Zee (who share singing and songwriting duties) have emerged as hedonistic cowpunk philosophers. As suggested in the disc's title, they advocate a universal answer for all of life's problems — sex — which they suggest both bluntly and metaphorically. During “Dynamite,” for example, Collins threatens, “I've got a pack of matches, and there ain't a thing that you can do/You'll never see it coming till the fire's up inside of you.” How's that for direct?

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