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As with many Bay Area stories, music in 2013 is largely about technology: Hardware and software are developing in ways that make it easier for DJs and producers to perform live, bringing wild new experiences to clubs. Electronic artist Holly Herndon is trying to show how human laptop-produced music can be, while Kelley Stoltz helps empower local rockers with a humble recording console. And, as usual in the music business, the stories in this, our relaunched Music Issue, are about success: how artists define it, and how they chase it — whether via sold-out tours or raiding Soundcloud pages.

“What's going on in local music?” is a question we try to answer every week. But the Bay Area music scene is a big beast, one that evolves hour by hour, song by song. Individually, these shorter stories point out some of the exciting sounds and people behind Bay Area music: younger and older, metal and jazz, San Francisco and elsewhere. Taken together, they hopefully provide a panoramic snapshot of where things are at right now, and a few clues about what's worth keeping an eye on in the future.

We didn't get to nail down every musical evolution or profile every worthy artist, of course, but we have covered some great ones. So read on, listen up, and get out to a show — you'll find our list of big, unusual, or otherwise notable fall concerts.

Fall Concert Guide: Your Guide to Live Music's Most Important Season

Kelley Stoltz: Psych-pop Savant Who Came to S.F. and Launched a Recording Revolution

Rapper Adam Traore Wants to Tell You How He's Feeling

Charlie Duff is a Ghost in the Machine of Dance Music

The Stanford Ph.D Student Making Human Music with a Laptop

Deafheaven How an S.F. duo made the breakthrough metal album of the year

Mix Prog with Brutal Rock, and You Get Hot Lunch

Life After Chuy Gomez: The Ouster of Beloved Radio DJ Won't Stop Listeners from Tuning In

Jazz With a Laugh: The Silliness Ahead in this Fall's SFJAZZ Season

Club Sound 101: What's Really Happening Behind the DJ Booth

Sound Cities: New Bay Area Music Festivals

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