The New Pornographers, Feat. Neko Case, Serve Crisp Pop at Regency Ballroom

The New Pornographers 

April 18, 2011 
@ Regency Ballroom

Better than: Brunch at Zazie (maybe).

If nothing else, at least the New Pornographers will remember San Francisco for our breakfast.

Six songs into a speedy set at the Regency Ballroom last night, when the band finally took a pause from dashing out urgent indie-pop, the topic of (brief) discussion was the delights of cured pork — recently experienced by Neko Case at S.F. breakfast hotspot Brenda's. But band member Kathryn Calder, whom Case accused of vegetarianism, preferred Zazie. “I almost cried it was so good,” she swooned about yesterday's stop. Case asked whether we could smell the fatty pork sweating out of her. (Sadly, we couldn't — and we were standing really close.)

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